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TLFDS Remote Admin Pack

Dedicated Server IPMI Portal Now you have absolute control over your TLF Dedicated Server. Complete remote management functions are now provided for free with every server we sell!

Has a configuration error crashed your server? No need to wait for support, simply log in via our secure SSL-VPN, and reboot it yourself.

Need to see what's on the server's monitor? No problem, we'e got that covered as well. Your management portal's java-based KVM allows you to interact with your server as if you were sitting in front of it with a mouse and keyboard.

Want to install your own Operating System? Now you can. Our management portal provides remote media capabilities so you may mount any CD or DVD .iso file from your computer to the remote dedicated server, and even boot from it. If you'd simply prefer to re-install the TLF dedicated server images, just reboot it and pick one from the boot menu. Easy as can be.

TLF's Dedicated Server management functions come free with every dedicated server. Just one more thing we do to make our dedicated servers the best value anywhere!

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Our custom-designed TLFDS servers are based on mainboard components and cases from Supermicro, the largest white box provider of enterprise computer hardware in the world. Because we use enterprise class equipment, it comes with enterprise class features like our IPMI based Remote Admin Pack.
We've combined Supermicro's IPMI management platform with our own VPN implementation to give you secure, private access to your server's out of band, lights-out management controller anywhere there is Internet access. All included with your TLFDS server, free of charge.
When we ask our customers why they stay with TLF hosting, the answer is always "The support". Unlike almost all of our competition, we don't outsource. The people answering your support tickets are the ones setting up your servers. You come first, every single time.